What about... 

What about taxes?

If Congress can create money from nothing, why collect taxes? The dirty little secret is that technically, because they can print money, Congress doesn't really need our taxes, or real borrowing for that matter. Taxes exist for two reasons. First, they are a diversion so citizens don't figure out that Congress has no limit on how much money it can raise out of thin air. The secret to the success of the modern banking system is that it is confusing to the everyday person. Once it is understood, it is easily seen for the fraud that it is.

Secondly, income taxes redistribute wealth. Congress can raise money for the poor by authorizing the Fed to monetize debt, but they can't take money from the wealthy unless they tax them. Of course, monetizing debt hurts everyone through inflation, and because every dollar is devalued equally, those with less money are affected more severely. Inflation is a regressive tax.

Over the years, both parties have increased and reduced taxes by a few percentage points here and there to keep the voters distracted. Congress, on the other hand, has had the Fed to create all the money it wants by monetizing debt, making tax rate changes insignificant by comparison. Inevitably, this strategy catches up to fiat currencies and they become devalued, often to the point of destruction.

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